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Protect a document with a password

This document shows how you can password protect a word document. If you are using this to send to a to a 3rd party we would always suggest you send the Password via a different method. For Example if you email the encrypted password to a client/customer then proved the unlock password over a phone…
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Microsoft Halts Sales In Russia

Tech News : Microsoft Halts Sales In Russia

In response to the invasion of Ukraine, Microsoft has suspended all new sales of Microsoft products and services in Russia.   Other Aspects Of Its Business Too   Microsoft has described how it has been “horrified, angered and saddened” by the “unjustified, unprovoked and unlawful invasion by Russia” which has led to its decision to suspend sales to Russia.   In addition…
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Video Tips on getting better with Teams

I came across a series of videos by a Microsoft Employee Kevin Stratvert who posts regular videos relating to Microsoft Products.   He has recently posted some Teams specific ones I wanted to share with you. Did you you know that Mear Technology can supply your Office 365 licences on a 30 day rolling contract for…
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Watch “Plan and schedule a live event in Microsoft Teams” on YouTube

In this new ditial working environment it has been a steep learning curve for many home workers. Microsoft put together this useful video tutorial on using teams for webmeetings. A top tip, did you you can join an event without creating a Microsoft account. Especially useful to know if joining on your mobile device. Download…
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How to Set Up and Configure Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) in the Office 365 Admin Center

The threats to business go far beyond cyber criminals accessing data. This can be the start of a very uncomfortable journey for business. After a breach clients have 72 hours to report to the ICO a breach. To help protect our customers we have prepared the following guide on how to activate Multi Factor Authentication…
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Watch “How to send email to a channel in Microsoft Teams”

Teams is a enormously powerful platform growing in both popularity and function. Take a look at this useful guide published by Microsoft explaining one of its less obvious functions.

How to set your “Out Of Office” message using web portal with O365

Step 1: Login to Office 365 web portal Use your office 365 email address and password to login to https://portal.office.com   Step 2: Click the waffle icon in the top right corner Step 3: Click the Outlook icon   Step 4: Click the setting icon top right hand corner of the page   Step 5: Click…
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How to set your “Out Of Office” message on your iPhone with O365

Step 1: Open the settings of the iPhone Step 2: Scroll down and tap  “Accounts & Passwords” (about half way down the page) Step 3: Tap the office 365 account you wish to enable out of office on. This is the 1st item down in the list on my test phone. Step 4: Scroll to…
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Office 365 Training for users

Microsoft have been working hard to produce a training portal for end suers to help them get familiar with the full suite of products provided with Office 365 Office 365 User Training Portal https://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?linkid=853062 If you do nothing else we would encourage you to have a look a these guides Learn the basics https://support.office.com/en-gb/article/office-365-basics-video-training-396b8d9e-e118-42d0-8a0d-87d1f2f055fb?wt.mc_id=otc_home&ui=en-US&rs=en-GB&ad=GB Get…
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Microsoft Flow working for you with Office 365 and SharePoint

Microsoft SharePoint is a great platform for collaboration on your company. Any business regardless of is size depend on processes. These processes can be something simple as an approval process for holidays of your employers or complicated processes that integrates multiple applications with multiple conditions depending on the content. Historically if you wanted to create…
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