Migrating to Microsoft Office 365 user experience

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Migrating to Microsoft Office 365 user experience

Supported Migration scenarios.

  • On-premises Exchange to Microsoft 365
  • POP3/IMAP/SMTP to Microsoft 365
  • Google Suite to Microsoft 365
  • Microsoft 365 to Microsoft 365 (Separate out or merge Microsoft 365 tenancies after takeovers. mergers, or splitting of companies)
  • Legacy Small Business Servers

Mear Technology help customers migrate to office 365 reducing the challenges and delivering solutions to organisations that have grown up in other environments. Are Technical team will be on hand to assist with the progress. One part of the migration is moving the business emails.

The following article is used to demonstrate the user embarking on the journey of moving to Microsoft 365 with Mear Technology. Mear Technology typically deploys the Migration software as part of our service.

Users only need to enter their primary email address, then click “Submit

Now the setup will progress through a series of screens (it does not take long!)

The final screen confirms the user is set up and ready for the cutover date. The agent will remain running in the background until the cutover date is reached. Mear Technology will be able to see if the device has registered correctly.

When the cutover date arrives

Ensure staff leave their devices online and logged in (screens can be locked). The assistant will start up and do a scan to ensure that auto-discover issues have been addressed prior to beginning the switchover.

The assistant will then prompt the user they can proceed at a time suitable for them. This will automatically appear when it is ready to reconfigure Outlook.

Users, should close Outlook and then click “Set Up Outlook”. The Assistant will then create a new profile, set it as default and configure it to Office 365.
Important the original profile is untouched and it could be reverted at any time!

Once this is completed the user will be prompted to reopen Outlook. At this point they may need to authenticate but once this is done they can continue to work.

The assistant will then work away in the background migrating any settings from the old mailbox to the new profile. The user can carry on working while this is happening. The length of this process will vary depending on how much data is in outlook, the speed of the machine, and the internet connection.

Once this is all completed the user will see this. At this stage, the assistant has completed.

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