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Company Sharepoints not Syncing via OneDrive

There is an annoying issue with customers who normally access Sharepoint via OneDrive and file explorer. This issue prevents users from getting the same experience as their colleagues. While there are a few reasons why users can not synchronise their company Sharpoint via OneDrive, we will discuss one particular reason here assuming you have completed…
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Microsoft Power Automate working for you with Office 365 and SharePoint

Microsoft SharePoint is a great platform for collaboration on your company. Any business regardless of is size depend on processes. These processes can be something simple as an approval process for holidays of your employers or complicated processes that integrates multiple applications with multiple conditions depending on the content. Historically if you wanted to create…
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SharePoint site continuously refreshing on Microsoft Edge

Recently one of our customers had a weird issue. When accessing their company SharePoint site using Microsoft Edge, the site was continuously refreshing and not allowing access any to any of the contents. Fixing the issue Step 1 – Close all open Microsoft Edge windows, Open file Explorer and navigate to “%localappdata%\Packages“ You will find a…
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InfoPath: Calculate business days between 2 dates including leap year

The following articles describes the process to allow InfoPath to calculate difference between 2 dates. Required Fields: StartDate EndDate StartDateFirstDayOfYear StartDateLastDayOfYear EndDateFirstDayOfYear EndDateLastDayOfYear TotalDaysYearStartDate TotalDaysYearEndDate StartDateDayOfYear EndDateDayOfYear StartDateWeekOfYear EndDateWeekOfYear WeeksDifference DifferenceDays WeekendDays Businessdays Step 1 – Calculate First Day of Year Add new rule to “StartDate” Condition: None Rule type: Action Run action: Set field’s…
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