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Migrating to Microsoft Office 365 user experience

Supported Migration scenarios. Mear Technology help customers migrate to office 365 reducing the challenges and delivering solutions to organisations that have grown up in other environments. Are Technical team will be on hand to assist with the progress. One part of the migration is moving the business emails. The following article is used to demonstrate…
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Microsoft 365 Gets ChatGPT Technology Called ‘Copilot’

Tech-News : Microsoft 365 Gets ChatGPT Technology Called ‘Copilot’

Microsoft has announced that it is to help users save time and increase productivity by embedding its AI chatbot ‘Copilot’ into popular Microsoft 365 apps.  Embedded In Popular Apps  Microsoft says that the Copilot chatbot has been embedded in the popular Microsoft 365 apps – Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Teams. Like Chat GPT, Copilot is…
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Microsoft Teams and Outlook go down for thousands of Microsoft 365 users

Downdetector.com, a website that monitors service interruptions, has recorded a significant number of global reports of issues with various services such as Teams, Outlook, Microsoft 365, and Xbox Live. These reports are gathered from a variety of sources, including user submissions. Microsoft is currently looking into an interruption that has caused thousands of users worldwide…
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Company Sharepoints not Syncing via OneDrive

There is an annoying issue with customers who normally access Sharepoint via OneDrive and file explorer. This issue prevents users from getting the same experience as their colleagues. While there are a few reasons why users can not synchronise their company Sharpoint via OneDrive, we will discuss one particular reason here assuming you have completed…
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Re-Branding Means Microsoft Office Becomes Microsoft 365

Re-Branding Means Microsoft Office Becomes Microsoft 365

After 30 years of Microsoft Office, a major re-branding will see it being re-named as Microsoft 365 as part of Microsoft’s expansion of its productivity suite.  What, Who, And How?  Microsoft has announced that starting in November, Office.com (the Office mobile app and the Office app for Windows) will all become part of the re-branded…
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Tech Insight : What Is Microsoft Azure?

In this insight, we look at what Microsoft Azure is, plus what it offers businesses.  Azure  Microsoft Azure (formerly Windows Azure) is Microsoft’s public cloud computing platform. Public cloud refers to cloud computing services offered over the public Internet and available to anyone, i.e. the services are shared with multiple customers rather than just controlled…
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How to: Find and remove large email attachments using Outlook (Windows)

The use of E-mail to send than just text has increased over the years. Your messages may include attachments ranging from pictures to spreadsheets. These attachments can be quite large, and when added up can greatly increase the size of your mailbox. It’s a good practice to remove large attachments that are no longer required…
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Microsoft Halts Sales In Russia

Tech News : Microsoft Halts Sales In Russia

In response to the invasion of Ukraine, Microsoft has suspended all new sales of Microsoft products and services in Russia.   Other Aspects Of Its Business Too   Microsoft has described how it has been “horrified, angered and saddened” by the “unjustified, unprovoked and unlawful invasion by Russia” which has led to its decision to suspend sales to Russia.   In addition…
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Windows Updates Can Take 8 Hours

Windows Updates Can Take 8 Hours Says New Research

According to new research by a Microsoft program manager, it could take as long as 8 hours, connected to the Internet, for devices to fully download Microsoft updates. The Update Challenge – Time A blog post in Microsoft’s Tech Community by program manager David Guyer, highlighted how one important challenge for Microsoft is trying to…
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The Wonders of OneNote

If you haven’t used Microsoft’s OneNote before you may be missing out on a very useful program. In this article, we look at what OneNote is and what it can do, plus we look at some of the competing programs available. OneNote Microsoft’s OneNote is a cross-functional notebook app/note-taking program that is part of the…
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