3CX vs Gamma Horizon

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While looking at VOIP systems you will more than likely get at least one quote for Gamma Horizon phone system. We often are presenting 3CX against Horizon and thought we would share some of the differences between to the two.

A quick Summary of functions compared.

Description3CXGamma Horizon
Auto AttendantYY
Call Recording YChargeable
Call ReportingYChargeable
Collaborate Unified CommsYY
CRM & Outlook Integration YChargeable
Desktop Soft ClientYY
Hunt GroupsYY
Mobile Apps YChargeable
Web clientYNot Available
Multiple Queue TypesYChargeable
Office 365 sync YNot Available
Pro Music-On-HoldY*Y
SMS/txt clientYNot Available
Live Chat for websiteYNot Available
Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp integrationYNot Available
Unlimited usersYChargeable
Voicemail To EmailYY
Voip HandsetsCapex or LeaseChargeable
VoIP Handsets VoIP Numbers10 UK numbers included. Additional blocks of 10 DDI are charged at £5.00 per month)Y

* We can arrange a proffesional recording this is a paid service

3CX Overview

3CX is a software based PBX that can be deployed in a variety of situations. In the cloud as a hosted phone system, or in-house as a onpremise solution. Mear Technology mainly supply 3cx as a Managed hosted phone system. We take care of all the technical bits and suport you every step of the way. 3CX is a feature rich solution with everything built into the standard system. Supported by our engineers we have a far greater capacity to support 3CX than

Gamma Horizon – Overview

Horizon Cloud PBX is Gamma’s complete business phone system. Supplied by 1000’s of resellers. Its a Hosted communications system that replaces your traditional phone system. Gamma Horizon is one of the biggest suppliers of phone systems in the UK with a basic feature set out of the box and feature bolt-ons for an additional cost. Traditionally these systems will have long contract terms up to 5 years. Resellers have limited capabilities to troubleshoot and most support is passed back to Gamma directly.

What are the admin interfaces like?

3CX is quite clear and simple to follow. You wont need to venture in here much we will deal with it for you. You can have control if you wish.
Users can be linked to Office 365 and be automatically generated in 3cx when added to office 365.

Horizon can take a little bit of time to get your head round. You have to remeber extension number when generating call flows. It is very fragmented interface. Horizon allocates a DDI for every extension including special numbers like 03, 08 numbers. The special numbers are redirected to the DDI number. Internal extensions are typically a bit random.

Multiple Queue Types

Not the clearest define factor so let us try and explain. 3CX comes with 13 different call queue (as long as your on pro or enterprise licesnce) types whereas, if you’re looking for call queues in Horizon, you’ll have to pay for a bolt on extra. Here are the different call queues you can select in 3CX as standard.

  • Prioritized Hunt – Distributes calls according to a specified order. If the agent at the front of the list is busy, it goes to the second one in list and so on.
  • Ring All – Ring all extensions in the group simultaneously.
  • Hunt Random Start – Randomly chooses an agent to forward the call to.
  • Round Robin – Sequentially cycles through agents logged into the queue.
  • Longest waiting – Directs call to agent who has been waiting the longest.
  • Least Talk Time – Directs call to agent who has been on the phone the least.
  • Fewest Answered – Fowards call to the agent with the least calls answered.
  • Hunt by Threes Random – Sends calls simultaneously to 3 random agents.
  • Hunt by Threes Prioritized – Sends calls simultaneously to the top 3 prioritised agents.

Available only on Enterprise licenses

  • Skill Based Routing Ring All – Assign a numerical value to each agent/extension to rate their Skill level. Then route to ‘All users’ in this skill.
  • Skill Based Routing Hunt Random Start – Assign a numerical value to each agent/extension to rate their Skill level. Then route to ‘randomly selected users’ in this skill.
  • Skill Based Routing Round Robin – Assign a numerical value to each agent/extension to rate their Skill level. Then route to ‘in pre-defined order selecting the next in line on each call’ in this skill.
  • Skill Based Routing Fewest Answered – Assign a numerical value to each agent/extension to rate their Skill level. Then route to ‘users who have answered the least’ in this skill.

Call recording

Call recording is available in Horizon for an additonal fee and does work very differently. With 3CX call recording is included as standard. On 3CX call recording is done on an extension level recording all inbound and outbound calls. Users can also be given the option to stop and resume recording. No per month or per user charges.

On Horizon is another user per month add-on charge we have seen pricing range from £1.75 – £5 per user per month.

Call Reporting and Heads Up Display

Built into 3CX is loads of reporting that can be scheduled and emailed. In addition users can login to there own webclient to manage their extension see call history/missed calls (if admin allow they can see call recordings). There is also a heads up display or wallboard that can be used to centrally track calls.

The call reporting feature in Horizon is actually quite good but as you guessed this is a paid optional extra.

Live chat – consoldate webchat live chat, facebook messenger, WhatsApp and text/sms into one system.

One area where 3CX certaily has the advantage over Horizon is how you can interface with your customers.

Add live chat on your website. Convert browsing prospects into leads.

Bring all chat into one place. If chats come from Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp they all come into 3CX Chat. Visible in Webclient, Desktop app, mobile app. Direct chats to specif teams, Transfer chats.

3CX also with 3CX you get a Video conference / webinar feature. Add your brand and move away from zoom and teams. All participants need is a modern browser like Edge or Chrome. Brilliant when your customers dont like the Teams or Zoom or have banned/blocked the use of them.

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