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Keep your staff productive

Communication is key. Mear Technology provides coonectivity on all levels.

In today’s fast paced world, grasping the benefits of good connectivity is the key to success for many businesses. Ensuring staff are connected is one of our key service offerings. We can put in place all the required connectivity support facilities, including VOIP, data cabling and broadband, tailored to benefit your specifc business needs.


Unified VOIP platform that slashes business telecoms costs and improves flexibility with inculsive mobile apps for IOS/Android and ‘Click to call’ via your website.


Fast, reliable, affordable business broadband. Our team will review options at your business address and present the best options to meet your business requirements.


Moving office, rennovating, building a new premises or just need a few more points installed. Mear Technology have you covered and will organise Power and Data cabling to be installed.


Engage with clients and team members with a range of Technologies to help convert visitors to leads and allow your team to virtually meet with clients and colleagues. 

Understanding Broadand for your business

The options for broadband can be a bit  complicated, so what is the difference? Why are business services more expensive than residential lines. Can my business just buy a residential broadband connection? These are some of the many good questions our team can help answer but they need to be answered on a case by case basis. Get in touch and tell us about your business and situation and we will tailor a solution around your specific needs. No hard sell, no pushy sales people just a passionate techy, with a lot of patience.  For more information please contact 01506 668 613


Openreach are replacing the old copper wiring to fibre, but not in rural areas. Up to 24Mbps down and 1.3Mbps up. This is a product that businesses have been migrating away from thanks to superfast and ultrafast broadband.

Superfast Fibre/FTTC

With millions of connected buildings, this is the product most have adopted now. Up to 80Mbps down and 20Mbps up. However, with the rollout of Ultrafast broadband (FTTP), things are changing.

Ultrafast broadband/FTTP

FTTP is Fiber to the premise. A contended next generation broadband service and the only consumer available true Fibre optic service in the UK. Fibre optical cables are delivered to the property providing speeds upto 900Mbs. It is cheaper than a leased line as it is contended, and does not offer the same SLA or service.


Why choose a wired product when you can go wireless. Seen as the only hope for rural areas you can get up to 300Mbps download and 150Mbps upload omn 4G and upto 1.5 Gbps on 5G. It can provides a faster connection than a wired copper alternative in some areas or a useful secondary line.

Tell us about your situation. We will do the rest.

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