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Featured Article : CrowdStrike : What Happened?

Following 8.5 million Microsoft devices being hit by a faulty software update from CrowdStrike causing global chaos, we look at what happened, how, and why.  The Worst Cyber Event In History  The scale of effects of the disruption caused make this event, which began on 18 July (Microsoft) or 19 July (according to CrowdStrike), makes…
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Featured Article : AWS Studio : Apps In Minutes!

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has announced a public preview of its new AI-powered AWS App Studio which it says uses natural language to create enterprise-grade applications in minutes, without requiring software development skills.  What Is It?  AWS App Studio is a newly launched platform by Amazon Web Services (AWS) designed to enable users to create…
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Featured Article : ‘Pay or Consent’ Model Breaches Rules

Following an investigation into whether the big tech companies are complying with the new Digital Markets Act (DMA) rules, the European Commission’s preliminary findings say that Meta’s ‘Pay or Consent’ model for data-sharing is in breach of its new rules.  Investigation  The European Commission (EC) launched an investigation into Google, Apple, and Meta to determine…
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Featured Article : Gemini … Overblown Hype?

Two new studies show that Google’s Gemini AI models may not live up to the hype in terms of answering questions about large datasets correctly.  Google Gemini  Google Gemini is an advanced AI language model developed by Google to enhance various applications with sophisticated natural language understanding and generation capabilities. It features multimodal capabilities, enabling…
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Protect Your Business During Staff Holidays

In this next summer security article, and with the summer holiday season upon us, we take a look at the various aspects of protecting your business when your staff are on holiday, offering practical advice and solutions to help you stay secure and efficient while staff are physically away.  Why Worry?  Holidays are essential for…
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Featured Article : Apple Avalanche!

Following Apple’s 5-day Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC24) last week at Apple Park in Cupertino, California, we take a look at the many new products announced and their key features.   Showcasing New Products  At Apple’s WWDC24 from June 10 to June 14, Apple showcased a variety of updates and advancements across its software platforms, including iOS, iPadOS,…
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Featured Article : Data and AI Strategies For SME Success

Following a recent AWS survey showing that data-driven SMBs who also adopt AI more quickly and make better use of it are financially outperforming their peers, we look at ways your business could do the same.  The Key Findings Of The Report  A recent study by S&P Market Intelligence, commissioned by Amazon Web Services (AWS),…
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Ex-Employees : Offboarding Checklist

Here we look at why organisations need to have an effective employee offboarding procedure in place and suggest a checklist for you that could form the basis of this procedure.  Why?  Members of organisations inevitably change over time for various reasons, perhaps to relocate to another job and move away, or they may be asked…
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Featured Article : New Windows Screenshot Feature Sparks Privacy Concerns

The new AI-powered Windows ‘Recall’ feature that takes 5-second screenshots to generate a searchable timeline of everything a user has interacted with has prompted security and privacy concerns.  What Is Recall?  The Recall feature for Windows (currently in preview status) is a new feature that’s exclusive to Microsoft’s forthcoming Copilot+ PCs. Recall takes snapshots of…
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Featured Article : Microsoft Asks Hundreds Of Employees In China To Re-Locate

It’s been reported in Chinese state media that Microsoft has asked at least 100 employees to consider relocating to other countries.  Why?  It’s been reported that Microsoft has asked hundreds of its China-based employees, particularly those involved in cloud computing and AI, to consider relocating to other countries. It’s thought that this decision was prompted…
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