Office 365 Security

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Office 365 Security

Like many business your business is probably heavily relying on Microsoft Office 365. Hopefully you have enabled some of the obvious best practices but how often is this reviewed? Can you gaurantee that all best practices are enforced on all user accounts especially new users?

Best Practice Security Posture Baselines

We enforce best practice IT security posture through automation. Instant Office 365 management for configuration of, users, Azure AD groups, Mailboxes, Teams, SharePoint, Intune and everything O365.

Breach Monitoring and Risk Prioritisation

Advanced threat detection and response software helps us view and remediate issues.

Fix global security posture deviations and unknown threats in a few seconds.

Instant Gap Analysis with Continuous Audit

Right from the start we instantly scan against best practice baselines. Apply quick remediation through our security platform removing  time-consuming and repetitive auditswith continuous gap analysis.

Legacy AND Emerging Breach Detection

It’s SIEM & much more. We continuously monitor new breaches, internal risks & threats, and misconfigurations of security controls. We also scan and detect legacy threats.

Risk Alert-Triage-Remediate Accurately

Instant threat alerts for admin & user changes. Incident response against hidden attacks and risky misconfigurations.

CIS Office 365 Benchmarking

Achieve up to 90% of  the Center for Internet Security (CIS) Office 365 benchmark in a day.
Prove and maintain Office 365 compliance instantly against the CIS recognised framework benchmark for O365 with ongoing ratification.

Compliance Trends with Reports

Audit, prioritise, and generate reports that prove ongoing posture management.


Ring fence your user base to operate in certain geographic zones. Instant alert for unusual login attempts from untrusted zones

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How we differ?

There are many great security features in Office 365,
However maintaining a coherent security posture, whether you use these tools or not, requires constant attention, diligence, and knowledge and automation.

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