Company Sharepoints not Syncing via OneDrive

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Company Sharepoints not Syncing via OneDrive

There is an annoying issue with customers who normally access Sharepoint via OneDrive and file explorer.

This issue prevents users from getting the same experience as their colleagues. While there are a few reasons why users can not synchronise their company Sharpoint via OneDrive, we will discuss one particular reason here assuming you have completed general troubleshooting such as ensuring the user has permission to access the Sharepoint Document Library.

This issue is typically caused by a user’s action. When they open SharePoint in the web interface they sometimes click Add shortcut to My Files” this creates a shortcut link in the user’s OneDrive but also breaks the synchronisation.


One Drive is synced and the user has access to their own Documents in OneDrive but does not see the One Drive Sharepoint Icon or does not see some Folders within this.


This is identifiable with this icon to resolve the syncing feature simply delete this shortcut by clicking “Remove” either by selecting the link and using the icon at the top of the page (A) or selecting the in-line with the shortcuts you want to remove. Removing the shortcut does not delete the data

For Administrators
How to Disable “Add shortcut to My Files” for your company

If you have SharePoint admin access you can disable this feature for all your users. If you are a Mear Technology Support customer you can simply contact our helpdesk and we will action this for you.

#Enter your Sharpoint URL
$SharepointURL = “

#Format the Sharepointn URL to the Amdin variable
$SharepointURL = $SharepointURL.replace(“”,””)

#install to SharePoint Online Module (uncomment below line ot install)
#Install-Module -Name Microsoft.Online.SharePoint.PowerShell

#Connect to SharePoint Online
Connect-SPOService -URL $SharepointURL

#Disable “Add Shortcut to OneDrive”
Set-SPOTenant -DisableAddShortCutsToOneDrive $True


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