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Don’t let corona virus stop business

Many of our customers have taken our advise and utilize 3CX as their business phone system. With much of the world in lock down mode it is likely that the UK follows suit. How your business deals with this pandemic is up to you. However if we can help we are happy to do so.…
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Enabling the “Busy on GSM Call” option in the 3CX client for Android

Isn’t annoying when you are on a call and 3cx rings. On Android you can treat you using your mobile (GSM) as you being engaged To do this. Open 3cx Click the Menu button Select Settings Enable Busy on GSM   That is you    

Tutorial: 3CX v15 having a quick web meeting (Windows)

The following tutorial shows how to initialise an instant web meeting using 3CX V15. First open your 3CX Phone for Windows. At the bottom of the screen you will find the following icons. Click the “Start a 3CX Webmeeting Now icon” (highlighted). This will open a unique link in your browser and auto login you. Once…
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Allow your customers to call you for free. Click to call

With the click-to-call feature offered by 3CX Phone System v12.5 and v14, website visitors can make a free voice or video call directly to your business through the internet browser, without the need to download any additional software. Add a link to your website and interact with your customers like never before. Customers can speak…
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