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Start saving money!

Microsoft 365 products help save businesses money, reduce capex payments, provide best in class solutions to businesses. Allow us to demonstrate savings to your business over a 5-year period. Simply get in touch with one of our team and allow us a few minutes to demonstrate savings.


Doing all your computing in the cloud means that you always have access to your files as long as you’re connected to the Internet. All of Office 365’s tools will work on any PC/Mac, tablet, or smartphone. With O365, you can use the online versions of the productivity suite, or install them to your device.


Micorsoft invest contineously in their data centres. Providing secure fault tollerent data centres with diverse routing broadband. Microsft 365 provide a plethera of tools to help business secure thier data and meet ISO or Cyber essentials


Improve productivity by enabling staff to work on files simultanously without the need to share screens. Say good buy to thos File is locked by another user message. Staff can be anywhere in the world and work on files together in real time.


Remove the needs of your IT team managing downtime and patching of servers. Ensure high availabilty and lower risk. 

Dependent on the Microsoft 365 package your business has users can also enjoy the latest version of Microsoft Office Suite.

How to migrate to Microsot

Now you know all about Microsft 365 you probably want to know how to get your business migrated to it. We have you covered.

Why Buy From Us? 

Apart from great direct customer service, support and advice. Mear Technology like to help our customers save money.

Buy all the Microsoft 365 busines and enterprise license on 30 day rolling contracts for the same price as Microsoft annual agreements. Average 15% saving and increase flexibility.


Reimagine the way you work with Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams

Chat, call, host online meetings, and collaborate in real time, whether you’re working remotely or onsite. Get one integrated solution including Teams, OneDrive cloud storage, and Office apps with advanced security options—at a price that’s right for your business.

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