Case Study – Scottish Disability Sport

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Scottish Disability Sport


Scottish Disability Sport (SDS) is the national governing body leading inclusive sport in Scotland for participants and athletes with physical, sensory or learning disabilities. They have a dispersed workforce with regular requirements to work outwith the office.


SDS had an existing infrastructure that was slow and not fit for the current business needs. There was unnecessary clutter and complications.

The original tender was to replace existing hardware, a number of desktop/laptop PC’s and a server and to provide a better experience for remote workers. Also to provide a review and cost comparison of a Cloud vs on premise solution.


  • Consultancy
  • Email System – Office 365
  • File System – Office 365
  • New Hardware – HP Computers
  • Software Sales – Office 365/ AntiVirus
  • On-going IT Support

The Solution

Mear Technology Ltd after completing the Tender process and making the shortlist met with SDS. We talked them through their requirements and clearly laid out our proposal.


  • Completed handover and lock out of previous IT vendor.
  • Supplied and deployed Microsoft Office 365.
  • Migrated all email from Exchange on premise to Office 365.
  • Migrated all data from on site server shares to Office 365 while maintaining the traditional method of access data via a drive letter.
  • Supplied new desktop and laptop PC’s to all staff.
  • Retired the on-premise server.
  • Recycled old IT equipment. We reconditioned some equipment for staff purchasing all other equipment was disposed of via Reusing IT.
  • Provided user training on new services.


Mear Technology demonstrated significant savings over 3 year by migrating to the cloud. Mear Technology completed a migration of all staff to new equipment and services allowing all staff to work in or outside of the company. Due to our unique approach staff were able to continue working as they did previously in a familiar manner. They gained additional functions, such as improved collaboration, and no longer required a VPN to the office to securely access corporate files.

Mobile worker efficiency has improved, all personal documents/desktop/pictures now automatically replicate to OneDrive increasing user protection from both hardware and user failure.

Scottish Disability Sport (SDS) is delighted to work closely with Mear Technology Ltd to support our organisation’s IT needs. The staff at Mear have transformed our working practices and continue to offer bespoke support when issues arise.

Gavin Macleod, Chief Executive Officer, Scottish Disability Sport


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