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Using Outlook’s ‘Send As’ feature

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Using Outlook’s ‘Send As’ feature

Outlook has a built in feature which allows users to send mail acting as another user, shared mailbox, or group. This quick guide will introduce the feature, how you can enable it in your outlook and how you can start using it.

What it is

The “Send as” feature does exactly what you think it does – allow you to send mail as another user! This means that you can send mail from any account you have access to without having to sign in or out and switch accounts, you can switch who you send as in just a couple of clicks.

How to enable it

Enabling the feature is simple, so here’s how:

1. Go to your desktop outlook and press “new mail”. You’ll have a new window open with a blank email, and you should see this ribbon along the top:

If you don’t see this ribbon and instead see a smaller version, simply click the arrow at the right of the ribbon and change it to “Classic ribbon”. You should now see the above.

2. Navigate over to the “Options” panel along the top. You should see the following:

3. Simply click “From” and you’re done. You should notice it appears as an option on the screen.

Start using it!

Now that we have it enabled, you can start using it right away. First however, you need to have another account that you can send from. This can be a group or shared mailbox that you have “send as” permission for (check with your admin if you are unsure what your permissions are), another user you’re signed into outlook with on the same profile. You’ll need to add them in first however, but this is simple.

Click “From” and you’ll see that drop-down menu, then click “Other email address”

In my example, I’m adding our helpdesk in. I already have access, so in my case I can just press “OK” and it will add.

As you can see, I’m now sending mail as helpdesk and it’s been saved to that menu. I can switch back to my own email just clicking it, and can delete added addresses by pressing the “X”

And that’s it! You’re all done and can start sending mail using the “Send As” feature.


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