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Month: September 2016

Mear Technology help many business resolve their IT issues and focus on their business not their IT

Prepare for removal of PPTP VPN before you upgrade to iOS 10 and macOS Sierra

Are you currently using a VPN? There is a good chance that this VPN using a technology called PPTP. PPTP is one of the oldest client VPN technologies but it has a significant design floor for a security app. The authentication model used for PPTP is easily hacked and its vulnerabilities are well know in the…
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Tech Tip – Bringing Presentations To Life in Office 365 Powerpoint With ‘Zoom’.

PowerPoint in Office 365 now has a ‘Zoom’ feature which enables you to create an interactive summary of your presentation with automatic navigation links. More Dynamic Presentations The Zoom feature means that you can now easily jump to and from specific slides, sections, and portions of your presentation in any order that you decide while…
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Windows 7 & 8.1 goes End of Support 31 October 2016

On the 31 October 2016 Windows 7 and 8.1 will reach End of Support Status (EOS) End of support refers to the date when Microsoft no longer provides automatic fixes, updates, or online technical assistance. This is the time to make sure you have the latest available update or service pack installed. Without Microsoft support,…
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InfoPath: Calculate business days between 2 dates including leap year

The following articles describes the process to allow InfoPath to calculate difference between 2 dates. Required Fields: StartDate EndDate StartDateFirstDayOfYear StartDateLastDayOfYear EndDateFirstDayOfYear EndDateLastDayOfYear TotalDaysYearStartDate TotalDaysYearEndDate StartDateDayOfYear EndDateDayOfYear StartDateWeekOfYear EndDateWeekOfYear WeeksDifference DifferenceDays WeekendDays Businessdays Step 1 – Calculate First Day of Year Add new rule to “StartDate” Condition: None Rule type: Action Run action: Set field’s…
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Microsoft store about to blossom.

​This week, Microsoft announced that the Windows Store situation is going to get much better, very soon, thanks to the long-awaited arrival of Desktop App Converter, a tool that lets companies take their existing Windows software and convert it to a Windows 10 app. The Microsoft store offers a repository of applications that will seamlessly work…
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HP Inc. to Buy Samsung’s Printing Business For Over a Billion Dollars

HP has just announced the acquisition of  Samsung’s printing business for $1.05 billion. HP will inherit 6,000 Samsung employees once the deal is finalised. The move will see HP increase its presence in Asia as well as 6,500 printing technology patents owned by Samsung. Source: http://fortune.com/2016/09/12/hp-inc-to-buy-samsungs-printing-business-for-over-a-billion-dollars/  

Azure and 365 now hosted in the UK

Microsoft have become the first of the big three Microsoft/Amazon/Google to deliver data centres in the UK. New data centres have been opened in London, Cardiff and Durham. Dynamics CRM has yet to be made available but is set to be online in the first half of 2017. Until now UK customers have had to…
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Tech Tip – Printing Photos

When it comes to printing photos or documents with photos in on your inkjet printer have you ever wondered why the colours in the printed photos don’t match those on the screen? If you want to improve the appearance of photos for printing try converting them to CMYK instead of RGB. This will give a…
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Lawsuits for Businesses When GDPR Comes Into Force

In May 2018, the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is due to come into force and some security experts are warning that this could bring with it the possibility of litigation from multiple sources for UK companies. Why? Some security experts believe that as soon as GDPR come into force companies will face a…
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