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Microsoft Power Automate working for you with Office 365 and SharePoint

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Microsoft Power Automate working for you with Office 365 and SharePoint

Microsoft SharePoint is a great platform for collaboration on your company. Any business regardless of is size depend on processes.

These processes can be something simple as an approval process for holidays of your employers or complicated processes that integrates multiple applications with multiple conditions depending on the content.

Historically if you wanted to create a workflow in SharePoint you had to use SharePoint Designer or 3rd party tools in certain situations you also had to learn how to code and sometimes not finding integration with other platforms.

However, Microsoft now has a new tool that you need to pay attention to, Microsoft Power Automate.

What is Microsoft Power Automate?

Just like any other new products from Microsoft, Power Automate was know as Flow is part of Office 365 suite. It is included in most of Office 365 subscriptions. It allows you to automate business processes by building workflows on certain triggers and actions.

What is the difference between Microsoft Power Automate and SharePoint Designer?

SharePoint Designer is a tool built specifically for SharePoint, it will allow you to build workflows based on your SharePoint data but there is no easy way of interact with different applications/platforms. Also, creating a SharePoint Workflow is not something you can do without any knowledge of the platform and you may need to learn syntax and spend hours debugging your code and testing your solution.

Microsoft Power Automate, on the other hand, will allow you easily build workflows based on already existing templates, or if you prefer to create a new blank workflow. Microsoft Flow is unique because you can interact your workflow with other applications such as Dropbox, Gmail, Facebook, SharePoint, OneDrive, SQL Server, FTP, etc… The options are endless and new platforms are been added.

How can I try Microsoft Power Automate?

Via web browser by clicking the Power Automate tile on your Office365 account

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