Rural Internet Speed boost with Mobile Internet

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Rural Internet Speed boost with Mobile Internet

Quite a rewarding project. We have a client in a rural area struggling with slow internet connections. Internet has become a necessity in modern life whether it is for entertainment, communicating or shopping.  Unfortunately choices for this particular client were limited. FTTC as not available ADSL estimated speed was 0.5Mbps. Leaving Satellite or Cellar. The client has already purchased a 3 unlimited Data sim card.

The property

The property is a newly refurbished barn with think stone walls and triple glazing.

History of Internet 

Nearby residence all relied on Satellite internet  having exhausted traditional Internet options.  Mear Technology investigated providing Fixed line internet including delivering a Leased Line split as a community project with existing residences. The cost of this project was too high for the number of residence to make this viable. The current ISP supplied modem Huawei and Three sim card were positioned by the client through trial and error in the area found to have the strongest signal. On average this was producing Downloads speeds of 4-10 Mbps on a clear sunny day and upload speeds of 0.7 – 4Mbps. Outside the property using a mobile speeds were a little better getting 19Mbps down and 7Mbps up.


Mear Technology assessed the property for possible solutions contacting our wholesale providers to verify fixed line options in the area. We looked at cable paths and leased lines options before offering an enhanced aerial positioned to align with the nearest cellular tower. The external aerial was wired back to the router. Offering significant boosts to the connection speed. Downloads speeds now 26 – 40 Mbps and Upload speeds 19 and 26 Mbps.

The  client is ecstatic and we are happy to be part of the solution. Once all the renovation work is complete we will be back to install an amazing wifi solution to cover the entire foot print of the property.

These speed enhancement could not of come at a better time. With Lock-down still in force the need to work from home has required a good internet connection.

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