How to Set Up and Configure Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) in the Office 365 Admin Center

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How to Set Up and Configure Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) in the Office 365 Admin Center

The threats to business go far beyond cyber criminals accessing data. This can be the start of a very uncomfortable journey for business. After a breach clients have 72 hours to report to the ICO a breach. To help protect our customers we have prepared the following guide on how to activate Multi Factor Authentication (MFA ).

What is MFA?

As the name suggests, it uses multiple methods to identify connecting user. A way of validating a user really is who they claim to be. When authentication you will be prompted to confirm you really are who you say you are by using an additional method of verifying yourself. Such as a a phone call, text message, app notification, or just about anything else, other than just the username and password, to prove your credentials. You’re allowed to access the site/app only after you clear this second authentication as well.

Most users would have experienced this type of login from banking site and other secure site.

How much does it cost?

With Office 365 offer a free on all Exchange Plan 1 plans and up although Enterprise (those on E plans)enjoy further enhancements such as the ability to ‘Trust’ certain sites.

We strongly recommend activating and configuring your multi-factor authentication to ensure you are optimizing your cybersecurity for your Office 365 platform.

To enable policies for enforcement and whitelist sites you will need “Azure Premium Plan 1” or “Azure Premium Plan 2”  which at the time of publishing costs £4.50 user/month for P1  and £6.71 user/month  for P2.

Details of P1 vs P2 and pricing can be viewed

OK Sounds good how can I get started..

All our customers should be able to simply copy this email to all their staff. Of course if they have any difficulties they should get in touch and we would be happy to assist. This will prompt users to complete necessary steps to update their user account



Never let the bad guys break in to your account!



Mear Technology is making it easier than ever for you to add more security for your online credentials. We need you to register before you can use this new feature, though.




After you register, you will have a two-step verification process with strong authentication with a range of easy verification options such as phone call, text message, or mobile app notification to access your online data or applications.



Mear Technology IT Department


Mear Technology Ltd

Once you have circulated the above please contact Mear Technology to agree an implementation date when we will activate the MFA.

If you are not one of our clients please follow this following guide on setting up MFA

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