Tech Tip – Timeline For Windows 10

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Tech Tip – Timeline For Windows 10

Currently being tested and likely to come out soon in an update is a browser history for your Windows desktop known as ‘Timeline’. This feature will allow you to search through files, apps and sites you’ve previously had open, and jump back and pick up what you were doing.

What’s more, it will extend to PCs, Android handsets and iPhones running Microsoft’s Cortana. This means that you will be able to resume what you were doing on another device. Cortana will also suggest tasks to continue.

How it will work:

  • An icon will be added (bottom left, next to search) on the Windows 10 desktop.
  • Clicking the icon will show the running applications.
  • Timeline activities will be displayed below this, plus a vertical dated timeline will be shown on the right hand side of the screen. You will be able to see activities you were working on in the past, and quickly click back to them.

Keep an eye out for this helpful feature in the next update.

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