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SharePoint Mapper

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SharePoint Mapper

Mear Technology designed a tool to create a company share and monitors its availability.  This tool will allow your OneDrive for Business to be assigned to your computer. Benefits of using this tool include:

  • OneDrive can be assigned a drive letter (This will appear in This PC in Windows 10). No caching of Data on the PC and storing files unencrypted at rest.
  • Runs when the user has logged into their computer seamlessly.
  • Allows SharePoint document libraries to be mapped and used as a company drive.
  • Computer documents can be synced with OneDrive (My documents, Desktop, Downloads etc.)
  • Self updating as we release new features changes will be pushed out automatically. (requires v3.13 upwards)

We have a tool which will allow this to be implemented easily!

First off, you must know your Microsoft Office 365 email address and password for this to work.

1. When Drive Mapper begins you will be prompted  to enter your login. This is your Office 365 company email address:

Press login.

2. After entering your Office 365 email address, you will now be required to enter the password for the Office 365 account:

After entering the password, press login.


3. Now you will see a orange progress bar at the bottom right corner of your screen:

After this has ran, you will now have your Office 365 OneDrive successfully mapped to your machine!

If for any reason you do not have access to the company shares you will also see a “Fix Company Share” icon on your desktop. Please click this to force the connection to reconnect.

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