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Month: July 2016

Mear Technology help many business resolve their IT issues and focus on their business not their IT

10 Hard Facts That Prove Your Data’s Safer in Office 365

Crafted by: Sharegate, The SIMPLEST SharePoint Security & Management tool suite.

3CX PRO and Freshdesk CRM Integration

3cx delivered as promised adding more application integrations to 3CX V15. One of these is the new Freshdesk CRM Integration which is available as of now! With this plugin, users can integrate 3CX PRO with Freshdesk CRM and achieve the following benefits: Click to Call – Launch calls straight from Freshdesk via 3CX Call Pop-ups – The…
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Problem solved

Your Own 3CX PBX Appliance – Run 3CX on a £90 MiniPC

So you want to run a professional PBX in your office but don’t have the server for it? Well, we have a solution, a machine that runs 3CX , fits in the palm of your hand and costs less than $100. Let me introduce you to “The miniPC”. The New Generation of miniPC’s MiniPCs run…
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3cx V15 SP1 Available – New Features and Improvement

V15 is marking a huge success! We’ve received a lot of positive feedback from our resellers and end users both in regards to the new functionalities but also about the new redesigned Dashboard and Windows client. And now we’re releasing SP1 of V15 already, all this in less than a month! The service pack includes among other…
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Integrated, Free Web Conferencing

3CX’s integrated video conferencing solution, enables businesses to save time and money by hosting virtual meetings, whilst enjoying the benefits of face-to-face communication. Web conferences can easily be launched through the the 3CX client with a few mouse-clicks. Web conferencing can be used for a wide variety of everyday communication needs to boost productivity and…
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3CX V15 provides more integration out of the box

More & Customizable Application Integrations 3CX have been expanded their integration – by supporting more applications out of the box and by adding a scriptable interface that makes it easy to integrate with any CRM / Contact Centre / Outbound call center solution. Easy to deploy network-wide and to maintain centrally. Ability to install and update centrally…
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Engadget: ‘No More Ransom’ helps you fight ransomware without paying

Engadget: ‘No More Ransom’ helps you fight ransomware without paying. Ransomware is one of the most chilling type of malware floating around the internet: an attack that locks a user’s files hostage behind an encrypted paywall. Universities, hospitals and even seats of government have fallen victim to these kinds of attacks, paying thousands of dollars…
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Engadget: Xiaomi’s first laptop is the $750 Mi Notebook Air

Engadget: Xiaomi’s first laptop is the $750 Mi Notebook Air. It wouldn’t be a Xiaomi event if it was just announcing one product. In addition to the new Redmi Pro smartphone, the Chinese company threw in a huge surprise by launching its first-ever laptop line, the Mi Notebook Air, running on Windows 10. It comes…
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Amazon and UK Government Test Drone Parcel Deliveries

This week, our fantasy view of the future seemed to look a little more real as the news was announced that Amazon will be paying the UK government to be embark on a project to test parcel delivery to UK households by drone. The programme will be testing whether automated drones would be able to…
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