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Engadget: Xiaomi’s first laptop is the $750 Mi Notebook Air

Engadget: Xiaomi’s first laptop is the $750 Mi Notebook Air. It wouldn’t be a Xiaomi event if it was just announcing one product. In addition to the new Redmi Pro smartphone, the Chinese company threw in a huge surprise by launching its first-ever laptop line, the Mi Notebook Air, running on Windows 10. It comes…
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Amazon and UK Government Test Drone Parcel Deliveries

This week, our fantasy view of the future seemed to look a little more real as the news was announced that Amazon will be paying the UK government to be embark on a project to test parcel delivery to UK households by drone. The programme will be testing whether automated drones would be able to…
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Tech Tip – Find Files That Take Up Too Much Space.

If you have files on your computer that are taking up too much space it can have a negative impact on the speed and performance of your computer. Some measures you can take include: • Storing space gobbling things like music files on an external drive. • Carefully deleting old programs that you never use…
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Case Study: Business Centre Broadband

Business Challenges The Alba Business Centre in Livingston, like many business parks in Scotland, was not serviced by affordable available high speed broadband. This was inhibiting the take up of the well maintained and presented business units the centre had available. On-site staff did not have the technical skills to sell, maintain and advise potential tenants when questioned…
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HP’s Spectre 13.3 ultra light laptop

HP has unveiled its new ultra light 13.3″ laptop. It is the worlds skinniest notebook at only 10.4mm thick. HP says the Spectre will go up for pre order on April 25, with a starting price of $1,169. It will be available at Best Buy stores on May 29 starting at $1,250.   See The…
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How can 3CX save you money.

3CX can save you money in many ways. Our clients often manage to pay for 3CX out of savings made on their phone bills. We can analyse your existing charges and highlight potential savings. In addition to reduced running costs there are: No additional charges for voice-mail. No expensive charges to upgrade/downgrade as the business…
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