Offer: December Phone System

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Offer: December Phone System

Are you considering replacing/upgrading your phone system?

Needing to move from an Analogue to a VOIP system ahead of the BT Switch off?

Complete your order application in December and get Free installation on your phone system*.

  • Can we use existing handsets?
    Possibly! Tell us what they are make and model and we will advise on their sutability.
  • Do I need a special internet connection?
    No not really, we can generally provide our service on any internet. In some cases we may suggest you replace your router, or if you are particulary poor internet speeds then we may need a second connection. Mear Technology can supply internet as well if required.
  • How much disruption will there be?
    We can keep disription fairly minimal. Generally we will organise the port of your number. This can take anywhere between 7- 14 days depending on how many numbers there are to move. We will normally install your new system and divert numbers from the orginal system/provider to 3CX while we wait for the port to complete. This alllows you to start using the system straight away and manage the migration.
  • We would prefer a cordless phone instead of a deskphone?
    We can do this. we can happily swap out the T54w for 2 cordeless DECT handsets and one DECT basestation.
  • Do all the phones need to be at one address?
    No, You can cover multiple addresses for no additional cost.
  • Are there other costs?
    Yes, There are setup and porting fees paid to the Trunk Provider. There will be charges for additional handsets.

*Offer is based on 24-month leased contract supplying 3CX Pro licence (Not Enterprise). Buy in December for installation in January. We will be able to do some installations in December but this is subject to availability and survey.  There will still be a £25 account setup and £25 porting fee for each Single Number or £75 for a multi-number port for a range of numbers, charges paid to VOIP Unlimited. 

*Capex contracts are available. December offer on the Capex contract is 20% discount on installation up to a maximum of £300 off setup and installation but no free handsets are included.

All costs exclude VAT

To qualify for the promotion a quotation must be raised by Mear Technology and accepted by the client, along with an established Direct Debit mandate. 

Offer valid on any order completed 1st December 2023 – 31st December 2023

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