Why should your business embrace InTune

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Why should your business embrace InTune

In today’s digital age, small businesses need to take cybersecurity seriously in order to protect their data and the data of their customers. Cyber Essentials is a UK government-backed certification scheme that helps businesses guard against common cyber threats. It is an excellent way for small businesses to show their customers they take cybersecurity seriously. However, achieving Cyber Essentials certification can be a daunting task, especially for small businesses with limited resources. That’s where Microsoft InTune and Mear Technology come in.

What is InTune

Microsoft InTune is a cloud-based device management solution that is part of the Office 365 Suite, it can help businesses manage their mobile devices, PCs, and applications. It is an excellent tool for small businesses looking to achieve Cyber Essentials certification because it includes both Mobile Application Management (MAM) and Mobile Device Management (MDM) features.

How can MAM and MDM help small businesses achieve Cyber Essentials?

Mobile Application Management (MAM) allows businesses to manage and protect the applications that their employees use on their mobile devices. With MAM, businesses can control how employees use applications, set policies for data sharing, and even wipe corporate data from personal devices if an employee leaves the company. MAM is delivered via a Company Portal app on Android and IOS and approved corporate accounts are isolated and sandboxed on Personal or BYOD devices (Read our blog on the dangers of BYOD). This is important for Cyber Essentials certification because it helps ensure that sensitive data is protected, even on employee-owned devices.

Mobile Device Management (MDM) allows businesses to manage and secure corporate-owned mobile devices that their employees use for work. With MDM, businesses can control device settings, monitor device usage, and remotely wipe devices if they are lost or stolen. one of the security points in Cyber Essentials is how the company deal with Mobile Device management and security InTune resolves this item because it helps ensure that devices are properly secured and that sensitive data is protected.

In addition to MAM and MDM, Microsoft InTune includes a range of other features that can help small businesses achieve Cyber Essentials certification. Such as:

  • InTune includes conditional access policies, which allow businesses to control access to data based on factors like the user’s location, device type, and network. This helps ensure that data is only accessible to authorized users in a secure environment (Read our blog on the dangers of BYOD) as conditional access allows organisations to limit access to just company devices.
  • Microsoft InTune is the ability to monitor compliance with security policies. With InTune, businesses can monitor devices and applications for compliance with security policies, and receive alerts if any non-compliant activity is detected. This helps ensure that employees follow security protocols and that the business is on track to achieving Cyber Essentials certification.

In conclusion, small businesses looking to achieve Cyber Essentials certification should seriously consider using Microsoft InTune. Its MAM and MDM features are essential for protecting data on mobile devices, while its range of other security features can help businesses achieve compliance with security policies. With Microsoft InTune, small businesses can protect their data, their customer’s data, and their reputation.

Intune MAM/MDM Licensing Requirements

The following licenses Include Intune Plan 1 which provides access to MAM and MDM

  • Microsoft 365 E5
  • Microsoft 365 E3
  • Enterprise Mobility + Security E5
  • Enterprise Mobility + Security E3
  • Microsoft 365 Business Premium
  • Microsoft 365 F1
  • Microsoft 365 F3
  • Microsoft 365 Government G5
  • Microsoft 365 Government G3
  • Microsoft Intune for Education

For Educational licenses

Intune Plan 1 for Education is included in the following licenses:

  • Microsoft 365 Education A5
  • Microsoft 365 Education A3

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