Outlook: Use Search Folders for User Awareness Training

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Outlook: Use Search Folders for User Awareness Training

Your business is taking security seriously and you have been enrolled in Usecure Training platfrom and are receiving regular training cources in cyber secuirty. Your manager says you are mising some cources or you are not completing them quick enough!

Setup a search folder to help ensure you action all the emails when they arrive.

Step 1
Open outlook and scroll to bottom of your mailbox till you see “Search Folders

Right Click on “Search Folders” and left click “New Search Folder

Click “Mail from and to specific people”

Click Choose

In the “From or Sent to” input form type the email address used to send you your training.
userawareness@usecure.io (default)

Then click OK

Then OK at the next window

Under Search Folders you will see a new folder named with the email address we used above. You can right click this and rename it if you wish.

After renaming (optional)

Right click on the folder and click “Add to Favorites”

Your newely created folder will now be visible in the favorites section of your outlook, Unread emails will display a counter so you know to open and read the email.

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