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Month: April 2019

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UK Government Services Information Accessible Via Voice-Activated Smart Speakers

After a six-month trial by the Government Digital Service (GDS) with a view to future-proofing the delivery of online services for citizens, 12,000 items of government information can now be accessed via voice-activated smart speakers and virtual assistants, such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home. Wider Plan The GDS trial that has made the information available via voice-activated…
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Samsung’s Folding Phone Faults Delay Release Date

The release date of Samsung’s new dual-screen Galaxy Fold mobile handset has been delayed after reviewers reported having removed the top layer of the display causing damage to the screen, problems with hinge areas, and debris getting trapped under the screen. The Galaxy Fold Announced as the Galaxy X last summer, the Galaxy Fold handset…
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Fake Finger Fools Fool Proof Phone

A Reddit user claims to have used a 3D printer to clone a fingerprint and then use the fake fingerprint to beat the in-display fingerprint reader on a Samsung Galaxy S10. Fingerprint Scanner The Galaxy S10 and S10+ phone models have an Ultrasonic Fingerprint Scanner embedded into the screen that uses soundwaves to create a…
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Windows 10 Breaks Traditional PC Hardware and OS Upgrade Links

With figures (Gartner) showing Windows 10 predicted to represent 75% of the professional PC market by 2021, continued PC sales and improved Windows 10  back-end management, Windows 10 is making (historically) time and resource consuming Windows OS and hardware upgrade projects a thing of the past, and is breaking the link between the two. Mobile…
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New UK ‘Duty of Care’ Rules To Apply To Social Media Companies

The new ‘Online Harms’ whitepaper marks a world first as the UK government plans to introduce regulation to hold social media and other tech companies to account for the nature of the content they display, backed by the policing power of an independent regulator and the threat of fines or a ban. Duty of Care…
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School Enlists Chinese Help To Upgrade To Enhanced Wi-Fi

The Lytchett Minster School in Dorset recently made the news among IT commentators after demonstrating how it could overcome the connectivity challenges of its rural location, cut costs and increase efficiency by upgrading its on-site network with Chinese company TP-Link’s enhanced Wi-Fi. Challenges As recently featured by Computer Weekly, the school had to contend with…
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AI Used To Tackle Money Laundering

Banks and financial institutions are experimenting with AI technology to tackle the multi-trillion-pound problem of money laundering, thereby hitting the traditional funding sources of major criminal gangs. Money Laundering Money laundering is the process of concealing the origins of illegally obtained money by passing it through legitimate business or a sequence of banking transfers. According to…
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Experts Recommend Security Update For Magento E-commerce Sites

Security experts are warning companies with a Magento e-commerce site to make sure that it has the latest security patch and updates in order to avoid the risk of card skimming attacks. Magento Magento, originally developed by Varien Inc (now owned by Adobe) is a leading open-source, enterprise-class e-commerce platform written in PHP.  Security concerns…
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Facebook Rolls Out ‘Why Am I Seeing This Post?’ Tool

In an attempt to be more transparent and give more control to its users, Facebook is about to roll-out a new “Why am I seeing this post?” tool, which will give users insights into their newsfeed algorithm. Algorithm Explained The new tool essentially goes some way to explaining how the algorithm that decides what appears…
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Automatic Compensation For Broadband Problems Begins

Next week will see the introduction of automatic compensation, without having to ask, for customers of BT, Sky, TalkTalk, Virgin Media and Zen Internet who experience delayed repairs, installations or missed engineer appointments. More To Follow PlusNet has also committed to the scheme but hasn’t provided a timescale while Hyperopic and Vodafone will begin automatic…
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