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Month: September 2018

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BA Security Fallout

Skimming The hack that took place on 21st August and caused disruption into September is now believed to be down to the injection of a digital skimming file designed to steal financial data from the online payment forms of BA’s website and app. The small skimming file, which was discovered by a cyber-security firm RiskIQ,…
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Criminals ‘Invest’ More Than Businesses

Research shows that one reason why organisations face constant, serious security threats is that cyber criminals, fuelled by a new cybercrime-based economy are spending much more on cyber attacks than organisations are spending on cyber security. Cyber Criminals Spending and Reinvesting $Trillions! Back in 2017, Gartner predicted that organisations would collectively be spending around $96…
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90% Of Businesses Blindly Renew Software

A report by Clear Licensing (CCL) has highlighted the fact that most organisations simply renew software maintenance contracts without assessing whether those contracts deliver value. 1 In 10 Companies Check The CCL report (which is based upon research conducted in and May this year), took into account the responses of 100 global participants, and was…
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Apple Apps Taken Down For Spying

The Mac App Store has taken down a number of well known security apps for the Apple Mac after it was discovered that they are being used to spy on the browsing habits of their users. Which Apps? It has been reported that Dr Unarchiver, Dr Cleaner, Adware Medic, Adware Doctor and App Uninstall have…
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Businesses Set For Augmented Reality

A report based on research by IT Consultancy Group Capgemini has predicted a big shift towards the use of virtual reality and augmented reality by businesses over the next 3 years. Mainstream Soon The results of a survey of 700 business executives across multiple sectors show that 46% think that VR and AR technologies will…
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Tech Tip – Send Texts From Your Windows 10 PC With ‘Your Phone’ App

If you’d like to be able to send phone texts from your PC without having to unlock your phone, you can do it with the Your Phone app for Windows 10. Here’s how: – Open the Your Phone app. – Click on Messages. – Click on the See Texts button. – Click on the Send…
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Google To Kill Dodgy Tech Support Ads

A rise in the number of adverts appearing in Google placed by scammers offering fake tech support has led Google to announce the rollout of a new advert verification programme. Can’t Tell The Good From The Bad Google’s Director of Global Product Policy, David Graff, made the announcement on the Google blog. Mr Graff said…
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Is Google Getting Details of YOUR Purchases From MasterCard?

Reports of a data-sharing deal with credit company MasterCard could mean that some details of your credit card purchases could be shared with Google, and used to improve their online advertising service. What Deal? According to reports from Bloomberg, after four years of negotiations, Alphabet Inc.’s Google and MasterCard Inc. have brokered a “business partnership”.…
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Microsoft Introduces AI Automated Audio and Video File Transcription

Microsoft’s new AI tool in OneDrive and SharePoint automatically transcribes the contents of video, audio, and image files, thereby making it much faster and easier to find specific topics and references made in those files. No More Lengthy Transcribing The growth of digital content, particularly in rich file types such as image, video, and audio…
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‘Five Eyes’ Demand Back Door Access To Encrypted Services … Or Else

The frustration of the so-called ‘Five Eyes’ governments in not being allowed access to end-to-end encrypted apps such as WhatsApp has boiled-over into the threat of enforcement via legislative (or other) measures. Who Are The ‘Five Eyes’? The so-called ‘Five Eyes’ refers to the intelligence alliance of the governments of the UK, US, Canada, Australia,…
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