Help your engineers install Network equipment

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Help your engineers install Network equipment


Now available at Mear Technology – The Setup.exe


The Setup.exe is a problem solving miracle designed by Network Engineers. This third hand supports you during all of your work steps. Use it as a table for your laptop or while terminating patch panels. It can also carry your most important tools like a screwdriver, spare cage nuts, cable ties and so on and is mounted in the cabinet within just 3 seconds.

Setup.exe is the ultimate tool for everyone working on network cabinets!

Mobile desk

A fast mount desk that you can have always with you

third hand

Install/remove heavy equipment with
up to 15kg with one person

tool depot

Carry your important tools and
spares with you

SETUP.EXE Patchbox Setup desk network cabinet

Setup Desk

Desk on the go – Stop trying to hold a laptop with one hand, type with the other and then with your third hand connect a cable. Rest your laptop on Setup.exe and take it easy. It even has a rubberised top so your gear does not slip off.

SETUP.EXE Patchbox third hand network cabinet

Third hand

A one person installation is now much easier as Setup.exe is your trusty assistant, able to support up to 15Kg while you fix everything into place. Simply mount it up side down and the equipment slides in easily.

SETUP.EXE Patchbox Tool depot network cabinet

Tool depot

Never forget tools again. With the Setup.exe you’ll always have spares with you including a screw driver, zip ties and those nasty cage nuts.

Just don’t forget your Setup.exe!

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