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Month: November 2017

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Smartwatches – Spying on Kids

German Telecoms regulator the Federal Network Agency has banned the sale of smartwatches to children and asked parents to destroy any that they already have. Danger To Children – Spying and Tracking The reason why the regulator has taken the step is over concerns that children wearing the watches could be, in theory, spied upon…
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Your Keystrokes Being Tracked

A new study from Princeton University has shown that your keystrokes, mouse movements, scrolling behaviour, and the entire contents of the pages you visit may be tracked and recorded by hundreds of companies. What?? The study revealed that no fewer than 480 websites of the world’s top 50,000 sites are known to have used a…
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57 Million Data Breach Concealed By Uber – Hackers Paid

It has been reported that Uber concealed a massive data breach from a hack involving the data of 57 million customers and drivers, and then paid the hackers $100,000 to delete the data and to keep quiet about it. More Than Two Years Ago? Reportedly, the hacking of ride-hailing service Uber’s stored data took place…
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Prison Sentences Demanded For Unauthorised Data Usage

The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has said that it backs the idea that anyone accessing personal data without a valid reason or without their employer’s knowledge is guilty of a criminal offence, should be prosecuted, and prison sentences should be an option. Recent Case A recent case involving a nursing auxiliary at Newport’s Royal Gwent…
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New, Free Secret Browsing and Cyber Security Service

Quad9 is a new, free service that will allow users to keep their Internet browsing habits secret and their data safe from malicious websites, botnets, phishing attacks, and marketers. What’s The Problem? When you browse the Internet, your Domain Name System (DNS) is likely set to whatever your ISP would like it to be (unless…
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Tech Tip – Face ID: Unlock Your Phone With Your Face

Although not the same as Apple’s Face ID system, Android devices come with an in-built Face ID feature to give you extra security and to enable you to unlock your device with your face. Here’s how to use it: Go to the device settings > Security settings. Click on Screen Lock. Select the Secure Lock…
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3CX V15.5 Update 2 Final Release: Hot desking, CRM integration and more

3CX have been really and we hare happy to announce they have released. BETA release of Update 2 was well received. Users were happy with the new features and improvements that were made to v15.5. This final release of Update 2 includes all the features of the BETA as well as some bug fixes and…
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PRIZE DRAW WINNER – £100 Amazon Voucher

All our customers enjoy the opportunity to win £100 (or $100 for our US customers) of Amazon vouchers for simply telling us how we are doing. After a customers support ticket is closed they receive an email asking them to rate our service via a short survey. This year we teamed up with our friends at…
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Tech Tip – Android: Have Two WhatsApp/Facebook/Twitter Accounts On The Same Device

From Lollipop you can create different user accounts e.g. if you want to keep social and professional separate, or if others use your device. You can, therefore, manage your different identities / accounts with WhatsApp / Facebook / Twitter on the same device. Here’s how: Set up a new user – go to Settings> Users>…
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Xmas Toys – Security Concerns

With Christmas just around the corner, consumer watchdog Which? has asked retailers to stop selling some popular internet-connected toys which have “proven” security issues that could allow attackers to take control of the toy or send messages. Toys At Risk Consumer watchdog Which? has identified toys such as Connect, the i-Que robot, Cloudpets and Toy-fi…
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