Case Study: Business Centre Broadband

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Case Study: Business Centre Broadband

Business Challenges

The Alba Business Centre in Livingston, like many business parks in Scotland, was not serviced by affordable available high speed broadband. This was inhibiting the take up of the well maintained and presented business units the centre had available.

On-site staff did not have the technical skills to sell, maintain and advise potential tenants when questioned on availability of broadband at the Business Park.

Consultancy Phase

  1. Mear Technology spent time on site with existing tenants evaluating the issues of running their businesses at the park without sufficient broadband provision. On average customers were getting around 3 Mbps download on the ADSL service available to them.
  2. We consulted with our wholesalers to evaluate available options for broadband provision at the park. The results of this consultation left tenants with only two options, leased lines or ADSL connections.


Mear Technology installed a 1Gbps leased line to the park and supplied all the required expertise to set up firewalls and networking equipment with zero capital expenditure from the centre management or tenants. Mear Technology took over management and maintenance of the sites structured cabling. The centre provided us with 24/7 access and referred all new tenant enquiries to Mear Technology allowing us to deliver a range of broadband packages to meet every tenants  needs whether big or small.

Updated Jan 2016
Mear Technology have continued to expand on the relationship by extending the network to a newly refurbished office block on the park. Providing on-site resources to the project managers who were based in Sheffield.



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