Openreach Surpasses 12.5 Million Premises Connected in Accelerated Full-Fibre Rollout FTTP

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Openreach Surpasses 12.5 Million Premises Connected in Accelerated Full-Fibre Rollout FTTP

In a significant stride toward transforming the landscape of UK connectivity, Openreach proudly announces that it has successfully connected over 12.5 million homes with its cutting-edge full-fibre infrastructure. This achievement marks a pivotal moment, crossing the halfway threshold on the journey to connect 25 million homes by 2026.

As the United Kingdom’s premier broadband network, Openreach has dedicated the past seven years to advancing the nation’s full-fibre connectivity. Remarkably, the company is seamlessly adding over 60,000 premises each week to its full-fibre network—an impressive pace equating to a new connection every 10 seconds.

The ongoing rollout has generated newfound possibilities across various sectors, extending its reach to over 20,000 medical facilities and care homes, 18,000 educational buildings, and more than 3.6 million homes in rural areas.

The momentum doesn’t cease with this achievement. In tandem with the announcement, Openreach reveals plans to incorporate an additional 142 locations into its full-fibre network. This strategic decision will provide over 1.4 million homes and businesses access to Openreach’s ultrafast full-fibre capabilities.

Although the primary goal remains reaching 25 million premises by 2026, Openreach ambitiously sets a new target: connecting 30 million premises by 2030. With the current deployment rate, this extended goal appears more than achievable.

Meeting the Demands of the Digital Era

The urgency of Openreach’s full-fibre rollout becomes even more apparent in the wake of the pandemic, which has seen the UK’s internet usage more than double. The surge in remote work and online learning has placed unprecedented strain on household connections, emphasizing the crucial role Openreach plays in addressing this escalating demand.

Having invested a staggering £15 billion in the rollout thus far, Openreach is steadfast in its commitment to meeting the nation’s escalating broadband needs. With over 30,000 orders per week, the rollout has the potential to integrate approximately 431,000 individuals into the remote workforce. Moreover, it could empower around 270,000 people to relocate to remote areas without sacrificing connectivity.

Aging Infrastructure

There are approximately 5600 BT/Openreach telephone exchanges in the UK. Some of the earliest exchanges were established in the late 19th century, while others are relatively new. The oldest exchange in the UK is believed to be the one in London’s Holborn district, which was opened in 1879. The Telephone exchanges began being modernisedin the early 1970 from operator-based to digital switching technologies. This upgrade took several decades to complete and was completed in the early 2000’s.

  • 1880-1919: Approximately 20% of exchanges
  • 1920-1949: Approximately 30% of exchanges
  • 1950-1999: Approximately 40% of exchanges
  • 2000-present: Approximately 10% of exchanges

It is important to note that these are just estimates,

The overheads of maintaining buildings that were once designed to house many operators is high. As you can see from the list above 50% of properties existed befor 1950. The move to FTTP will mean that many of the 5600 telephone exchanges will be shutdown, their copper and equipment removed. Then the buildings will be sold for redevelopment or alternative uses. The Fibre equipment will be easier maintained than the current forms of broadbans.

Unleashing the Benefits: FAQs

1. How can I find out if I can access Openreach full fibre?

  • Openreach’s full-fibre rollout is rapidly expanding. Utilize their postcode checker to determine the build status in your local area. Sign up for email updates to stay informed or contact Mear Technology and ask them to check availability for you.

2. What broadband providers use the Openreach network?

  • Openreach provides the broadband network for over 700 providers, including BT, Sky, EE, TalkTalk, and Vodafone. Each brand offers unique deals to cater to diverse needs.

3. How might the full fibre rollout change my day-to-day life?

  • The increase in full-fibre is anticipated to add 431,000 remote workers by 2026, reducing commuting trips and benefiting daily life with enhanced streaming, gaming, and overall connectivity.

Openreach’s resolute efforts continue to redefine the digital landscape, promising a future where seamless connectivity becomes a reality for millions across the UK.


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