Panasonic PBX Telephone Systems Discontinued – 2023

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Panasonic PBX Telephone Systems Discontinued – 2023

As Panasonic has announced the closure of its Business Communications arm over the next two years and its UK office this month.  Those with Panasonic phone systems may want to think about replacing their phone system to ensure business continuity.

Why Are The Panasonic PBX Telephone Systems Discontinued?

In recent years Panasonic has worked hard to find a way to continue the business by making their organization and its relationships with partners as sustainable as possible. However, it has become apparent that this is not possible to continue given the current business environment based on the limited capability of factory resources as described below.

  • A sharp decline of the market and rapid shift to cloud-based solutions.
  • A technological mismatch between factory and future market needs and trends.
  • Lagging behind their competitor’s R&D activities.
  • A constant financial deficit due to the reasons above.
  • Shift to new types of demand (Teams, Zoom, etc.) significantly accelerated by Covid-19 which makes the future of the Panasonic business untenable and unpredictable.

I Have A Discontinued Panasonic PBX Telephone System What Can I Do?

Step 1) Get in touch with Mear Technology

Step 2) Have one of our consultants discuss your business needs

Step 3) Accept quotation let us take care of the rest.

Mear Technology has a number of solutions to help find the right fir for your business. All we want is the opportunity to engage with you.

The pandemic is not a reason to not move forward. We have helped may business move during the Pandemic lets see what we can do for you and Your business.

When Are The Panasonic PBX Telephone Systems Discontinued?

In 2 years time, the Panasonic PBX telephone systems will be discontinued. Panasonic PBX telephone system parts will be discontinued and will become hard to source. Repairing old PBX and SIP telephone systems will be even harder once Panasonic discontinues these items. Users need to source alternative communications solutions once these items are no longer supported, before the year 2023.

What will happen to my Panasonic PBX Telephone Systems when it is Discontinued?

Nothing it will carry on working. If you are unfortunate enough to have a fault or a vulnerability is discovered there will be no support available and parts will become increasingly harder to source.

Will there be much disruption if I switch from my Panasonic Phone system to one of Mear Technology solutions?

No, Mear Technology will manage the process for you provide training and keep your disruption to a minimum.

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