Tip for Working from home – Mute your mic and speakers with one press

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Tip for Working from home – Mute your mic and speakers with one press

Like many we at Mear Technology are working from home. That in itself is not a problem we have all we need. We spend our day with a teams video chat on all day which is fine until one of us takes a call on our desk phones or mobiles. Then we have to mute the microphone and turn down or mute the chat.

Like most I have a mute key on my laptop and one on my USB keyboard. I thought it would be great to change this mute key so that is simultaneously mutes my speakers and my microphone. The good new is this is easy to do and I thought I would take a moment to share the steps you need to do.


Step 1

Download and install micmute. A free tool that that is simple to use. Once installed (leave all options on default)

Step 2

Now that Micmute is installed you will see it running in your task bar.

Step 3

Right click on the micmute icon and click “setup shortcut”

Step 4

When the window loads press the mute key on your keyboard or press another key combination you find convenient then press OK. Now when you press the mute key your speakers and your microphone will mute.

Hope it helps I have found it useful. I would recommend also turning off the sound notification as this can sometimes be heard down the video chat.

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