Reduce your ICT Costs – Telecoms and IT

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Reduce your ICT Costs – Telecoms and IT

Covid-19 has brought new unforeseen challenges to business. Uncertain times are ahead. All those who have been able to remain open should now have transitioned to the new challenges of working from home.

Phase 2 now begins. That is a a review of overheads! Mear Technology are here to help if you want. This offeris available to all not just existing customers.  A free of charge service (no obligation) to look at your IT outgoings, Office 365, IT support, telecoms, domain names, Antivirus. Have a chat with us and see if we can assist in delivering the same solutions at a price reduction for you.

It can be hard understanding bills if you don’t understand the technology and don’t know the market. Let us help demystify or explain the charges, spot any duplication and help reduce your existing outgoings.

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