3CX SBC is Now Available on Debian!

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3CX SBC is Now Available on Debian!

3CX has been making massive changes and is now a multi-platform PBX – available on Windows, Linux (Debian 8) and in the cloud. It’s only natural that the 3CX SBC would be multi-platform too. Up until now, the 3CX SBC was available on Windows and Raspberry Pi. With this latest release the 3CX SBC also supports Debian 8! We know this is something that many users have been waiting for and once again we delivered!

Additionally, this new update includes major improvements to the audio quality of your remote extensions for both Windows and Raspberry Pi Devices and adds multi-threading to the RPi version allowing you to handle more simultaneous calls and extensions with BLF keys. 3CX SBC for Raspberry was tested to support 20 extensions behind the SBC and each extension was configured with 10 BLF Keys.  (Assuming SBC->PBX link has proper network conditions).

This release also includes the following:

  • Support of Debian 8 x64 OS
  • Audio Quality improvement
  • Added multi threading feature (RP2 and RP3 models only)
  • RTP via UDP to eliminate jitter
  • Improved encryption mechanism and fixed some issues related to this
  • When public IP of SBC changes, the SBC is automatically updated
  • Fixed automatic re-connection bug
  • RTP Voice threads are given top priority (highest)
  • Improved keep alive messages
  • Fixed issue causing a spam of UDP traffic

Supported Raspberry Pi Devices:

  • Raspberry Pi 1 Model B, B+
  • Raspberry Pi 2 Model B
  • Raspberry Pi 3 Model B

Differences between V14 and V15 SBC

  • Audio Quality improvement
  • 4x more extensions for Raspberry (5->20)
  • Support of Debian OS
  • More Security
  • Automatic re-connection
  • Stability
Download link and Documentation
To learn more about 3CX SBC read the Manual.
Installing 3CX SBC for Windows
Installing 3CX SBC for Raspberry Pi and Debian

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