Convert more website visits to sales

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Convert more website visits to sales

3CX live chat on any page

Technician view of live chat on Mobile.

For many businesses our website are brochures, a modern day shop window. Offering a gimps into what our business can do for them. Getting visitors to your site is one thing but how do you get them to move beyond just browsing your page to actually walking in and buying something.

Simple! Talk to them. Adding a live chat to your website is nothing new but for many businesses the technical restriction of implementing such a services as well as the financial obligations makes this a non starter.  With 3CX your business communications can flourish during normal business operations and under more strenuous times like remote working under covid-19.  3CX is a business phone-system that can be ran on-premises or in-cloud or provided as as service. 3CX unlike most phone-systems goes beyond just delivering VOICE. It enhances your business continuity and communication.

  • Work at home – NO PROBLEM
  • Conference rooms – NO PROBLEM
  • Webinars – NO PROBLEM
  • LIVE CHAT with free calls and webchat – NO PROBLEM
  • STAFF meetings and collaboration – NO PROBLEM

With no extra charge you can add a very powerful live chat to ANY website. Take a enquiry from a website visitor over the option to move beyond live chatting to a in person chat via the web browser or even convert to a video call.

To find out more why not visit our website for a free chat. Try our live chat and speak to one of our helpful staff.

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