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Month: March 2020

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Viruses Killed By Robots

Robots armed with UV-C ultraviolet light beams that can effectively disinfect surfaces in a hospital room in 10-20 minutes are helping in the fight against COVID-19. UVD Robots, Denmark The robots, which are reported to have been shipped in considerable numbers to Wuhan in China, Asia, and parts of Europe are manufactured in Denmark’s third-largest…
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Cybercriminals Hijacking Netflix and Other Streaming Accounts

It has been reported that the surge in the use of streaming music and video services has been accompanied by a surge in the number of user accounts being taken over by cybercriminals. Entertainment During Isolation Self-isolation and the instruction to stay at home during the next few weeks in the COVID-19 crisis has meant…
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Facebook Video Quality Reduced To Cope With Demand

Facebook and Instagram have reduced the quality of videos shared on their platforms in Europe as demand for streaming has increased due to self-isolation. Lower Bitrate, Looks Similar The announcement by Facebook that a lowering of the bit-rates for videos on Facebook and Instagram in Europe highlights the need to reduce network congestion, free-up more…
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Cybercriminals Take Advantage of Covid-19 Outbreak With Phishing Emails

Some cybercriminals have already taken advantage of the fear surrounding the Covid-19 outbreak by sending out phishing emails that promise cures, seek donations, or heighten panic in order to extract personal data and money. Phishing For Fear Cybercriminals rely on exploiting human error that’s often driven by emotional responses.  The coronavirus outbreak has, therefore, provided…
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Praise where praise is due!

As business we need to help one another to keep going. Some are feeling the pressure sooner than others, We just received a lovely email from a client praising our assistance. We have where ever possible assisted our clients remain open while dispersing their staff while trying to remain productive. Tools like #office365 #treams #3CXPhonesystems…
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Maintaining Security During The COVID-19 Health Crisis

The current global health crisis may bring many different IT security challenges to businesses and organisations and this article highlights some of the ways that you can prepare to keep IT security covered as best you can at this difficult time. Larger and Smaller Businesses – Some Different Challenges Larger organisations may be at an…
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Hospitality hit hard today

Boris Johnson  announced at a press release today that the government would like people work from home, to avoid social gatherings. He advised Pregnant women, people in the 70 + age group and those with various health conditions should seek advise consider the advice and isolate. He said “People in at-risk groups will be asked…
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What to Do If You Suddenly Have to Support 80% of Users Working Remotely

https://blogs.vmware.com/euc/2020/03/what-to-do-if-you-suddenly-have-to-support-80-of-users-working-remotely.html A good article that help explain the difficulties of moving your workforce to a primarily a at home workforce.

Don’t let corona virus stop business

Many of our customers have taken our advise and utilize 3CX as their business phone system. With much of the world in lock down mode it is likely that the UK follows suit. How your business deals with this pandemic is up to you. However if we can help we are happy to do so.…
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Survey Reveals IR35 Tax Reforms Legal Action Risk For Private Sector Companies

A survey by ContractorCalculator has revealed that many private sector companies may be at risk of legal action through misinterpreting the new IR35 tax reforms. What Is IR35? The IR35 tax reform legislation, set to be introduced this April, is designed to stop tax avoidance from ‘disguised employment’, which occurs when self-employed contractors set up…
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