Trend Micro – New enhancements

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Trend Micro – New enhancements

Data Loss Prevention is used to prevent sensitive information from leaking through email. This feature can protect such data as social security numbers, telephone numbers, bank account numbers, and other confidential business information that match a set pattern. Data Loss Prevention does the following:

  • Monitors all outbound emails
  • Takes action when emails violate data loss prevention policy based on the Rules and Action setting
  • Provides pre-defined rule templates
  • Provide an easy-to-use user interface to generate regular expressions
  • Experienced users can create Regular Expression directly

Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

Worry-Free Business Security Services provides pre-defined DLP templates for hundreds of global regulatory and compliance regulations, including PCI/DSS, HIPAA, GLBA, SB-1386, US PII, and others.

Anti-exploit Protection

Administrators now have the option of enabling or disabling the Anti-Exploit Protection setting in Behavior Monitoring. Anti-Exploit Protection can help detect abnormal program behavior that is common to exploit attacks.

Application Control Enhancement

Worry-Free Business Security Services has further enhanced Application Control logs to display application names, categories, and vendors.

Aggressive Scan

Worry-Free Business Security Services now includes an Aggressive Scan feature for deeper scanning and cleaning of infected endpoints.

Ransomware Summary Widget Enhancement

The Ransomware Summary widget on the Live Status screen has been further enhanced to display a more comprehensive list of infection channels.

Other Enhancements

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