Office 365 Cloud Signatures

Centrally Manage Your Company's Office 365 Email Signatures

Our Office 365 Cloud Signatures solution integrates seamlessly into your organisations email and allows you to manage your email signatures with minimal fuss.

  • Consistancy - everyone has the same signature format
  • Signatures conform to brand and company guidelines
  • No end user actions required
  • Easily and quickly change signatures for events and holidays
  • Device independant - works on Windows, Mac, iPhone, Android devices

Signature Consistancy

All users get the same email signature*, this allows you to control corporate branding following company guidelines and legal requirements and disclaimers. No more copying signatures between users, changes are made in a single place and applied to all signatures. Users cannot make changes to their own signatures.

* Users can be separated into business groups/functions i.e. managers, sales, manufacturing etc. and different signatures can be applied to each group or department.

Central Management & Design

Create your design and signature layout just once. All your users then get the same signature, no more tweaking signatures because it renders different on Windows|Mac|other.

  • Consistent branded signatures on all your emails
  • Identical signatures no matter what device you send from
  • Choice of signature Templates
  • Easily and quickly add promotions and offers to signatures


You can change signatures for special events, annual holidays (christmas, easter etc.) for all accounts quickly and easily. Tailor your emails to your company's needs, push promotions and offers.

No need to know HTML or CSS, signatures are constructed through a web interface, just select your template and upload any images and customise textual content.

All contact details are taken from your existing Office 365 Directory so you can include names, phone numbers and job titles easily.

  • Self service web interface
  • No programming or specialist knowledge needed
  • Nothing to install
  • Changes are propagated to all users immediately
  • Integrates with your existing Office 365 users

How Does It Work?

User creates email and hits send, the email is then directed to the cloud signature server where the relevant signature is added to the email. The email, with added signature, is then sent back to your Office 365 email server where it is sent out to the recipient. All this happens transparently for you, you just send email as you always have.

Image showing process flow for adding cloud signatures.
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