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Elmeg by Mear Technology

Mear Technology are the only company North of Newcastle providing support and repairs for Elmeg phone systems. Providing support thoughout Scotland including Edinburgh, Fife, Dunfermline, Dundee, Glasgow, Aberdeen and more.

Elmeg ICT PABX systems with their modular architecture satisfy even the most demanding current and future applications: Features such as broker's call, three-party conference call, call rerouting, call pick-up, comprehensive team solutions, central alphanumerical telephone directory, hotel check-in/check-out and many more render your company communication transparent and efficient.

Integrated voice applications with import options for standard wave files make possible professional features such as voice announcement before answering, wake-up call messages, alert messages and many more.

The modular capability of the elmeg ICT, expandable up to 118 ports, provides long-term investment protection. Expand your PABX easily, quickly and economically.

Elmeg ICT PABX systems are remotely configurable, i.e. special settings and firmware updates can be performed directly from the dealer's service center or shop via ISDN. This means quick service as well as minimized support expenditures. The new multilevel PIN concept allows individual configuration authorizations.

The consequent software integration of the elmeg ICT models guarantees the highest level of transparency and extremely easy system configuration. The supply scope includes elmeg WIN-Tools, TAPI drivers and CTI software.

The Elmeg ICT series PABX and its system concept combine to provide functions to small- and medium-sized companies previously available only with large PABX systems.

An open system based on standard interfaces: Talk about systematic communication!

Connection technology: The ISDN connections of the elmeg ICT systems are designed as a RJ-45 jack as well as screwless cable sockets for hard-wired cable connections. External on-hold music is easily fed in via a jack input.

The PABX is easily configured and maintained from your PC using the RS 232, internal S0 or USB interface. Your dealer can also use the ISDN remote maintenance feature to access all functions and settings.

The following are among the most important features:

  • Voice applications including import of WAV files for Voice announcement before answering, Music on Hold, Wake-up message etc.
  • Waiting loop and waiting circuits
  • SMS in fixed-lines network
  • Trunk bundle seizure
  • Up to 40 teams, with up to 16 subscribers each (elmeg ICT 88/880)
  • Internal phone number plan, 1 ... 4-place
  • Alarm inputs (event-controlled transmission of UUS1 or voice messages)
  • Extension S2M (elmeg ICT 88/880), POTS (analog exchange connection) and Router module
  • Preconfigured for Voice over IP using VoIP-VPN Gateway module


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    The Alba Campus,
    West Lothian, EH54 7EG
    Company Number: SC404950